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Missions is a big part of our hearts as a church. We are excited to have members of our church serving in missions as well as being able to support many other missionaries all over the world

Asha in the Red Light

Cole served in the Red Light District of India. He helped run a camp for kids.

Hand of Hope Medical/Dental Clinic in Malawi

Matt, Emily, and Olivia served with Hand of Hope's Medical/Dental Clinic in Malawi, Africa. We were blown away by the number of people who came and were greatly impacted by this outreach and many excepted Jesus into their hearts.



Cole has traveled several times times to the Red Light District in India 


Hand of Hope in Brazil

Matt and Emily Green traveled with Hand of Hope Ministries in Brazil last year for a medical missions trip

Past Missions Trips

Keith and Susan Davey

Keith and Susan serve in Germany and Romania as part of their ministry RTC International


Peter Namawa

Peter Namawa pastors a church in Uganda and runs One Call Mission that provides for many different needs

Missionaries We Support

Shelley Carl in Japan

Michael Chase in Taiwan

Flynn Clanton in Colombia

Richard Conti in Guatemala

Keith Davey in Germany/Romania

Matt E. Herman in Chi Alpha

Roger Holland in Intercultural

Paul Kraus in Intercultural

Joseph Lear in Serbia

Joanne Lorenzo/Magdalene Project in Niagara Falls

June Mattias/Wycliffe Bible Translator  Global

William Meyer Chaplain

Peter Namawa in Uganda

Edward Nye in Eurasia

Doug Raught in Netherlands

Deanna Richardson in Thailand

James Sabella in SE Europe

Lewiston Van Ministries Local

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